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Peartech Platform

Until now, companies have not had access to a financial instrument that enables them to protect their operations from price changes in their sales and purchases. It means there is no tool for hedging against the price change of processed products such as computer equipment or processed foods.

We provide SMEs and financial institutions’ business customers a platform to facilitate their risk management strategies through customized forward contracts concentrating mainly on processed commodities and products. Our platform offers businesses the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer Forward contracts, excluding the centralized authority from the procedure.

By using this platform, transactions can occur independently from a third party, and businesses can participate in collective markets and directly interacts with other participants without an intermediary insight. This platform will offer less complicated and customized derivatives with a wide range of underlying to maximize the range of products that businesses would like to hedge.

Peartech Risk Management Platform

Easy & Robust Financial Risk Management Tool

Our platform allows business owners to facilitate their risk management strategies through customized derivatives.

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